Friday TV- Meet Nelly Dragon

Nelly Dragon is our first Artist of the Month. Nelly was born in Amsterdam but moved at a young age to the city of Rotterdam, although it was not until she lived in Stockholm that she started mixing.

Friday TV talks to Lucky Blue

Lucky Blue are a Rotterdam based indie-rock band that have come a long way since the release of their first single ”Alone”.

Friday TV talks to Tom Vrolijk

Last week we sat down with Tom Vrolijk to find out more about his story, future projects, and record three live performances in Rotterdam’s Oude Plantage.

Friday TV talks to Bonno Getz

Bonno Getz is the singer, multi-instrumentalist and frontman of the exciting new band ‘The Happy Paps’. With echoes of his favorite artists of the 50s and 60s, his personal goal is to bring joy and excitement every time he performs with his groovy band.

Friday TV talks to Siem Beets

Siem Beets, known on stage as Stiib, is an artist, producer and DJ living in The Hague. A few months ago, he released his first album, ‘’Through the Pit’’.

Friday TV talks to Jeff Solo

This week we spoke to Jeff Solo about his career, Operator Radio, and the electronic music scene in Rotterdam.