What is Every day is Friday?

Every day is Friday is a non-profit hub for music, art, nightlife, and unique stories from Rotterdam started by Carlos Alan.

¨Rotterdam is one of Europe’s most multicultural cities and is, consequently, home to a thriving creative scene.

So, what will you find here?

Unique stories about Rotterdammers that have contributed in different ways to the city. 

Details on our events and parties.

• Talks with emerging bands, producers, photographers, videographers and other artists. 

• Rotterdam Party People – a series of illustrated articles, showcasing the diversity of styles and clubs. 

• Video reports and interviews on the current nightlife scene. 

• Rotterdam had a big music/party scene in the 90s. Articles about different stories/places from the era are on the way. 

And this is just the beginning.¨

The Every day is Friday project started one year ago as a short movie.

¨I arrived in Rotterdam in October 2017 and started doing nightshits at a hostel. During these shifts I met larger than life characters and heard (occasionally witnessed) what can only be described as ”unreal” stories. Together with my workmates we started playing around with the idea of using this material for a perfect sitcom.

For six months we filmed and released 2 short movies based on the ‘’stranger than fiction tales’’ that we had witnessed. We called these movies Every day is Friday.

A lot of international and passionate Rotterdammers started to join the group to help with the production. Over 10 nationalities now make up the team.

As I ventured further into the cities nightlife it occured to me that Every day is Friday could become a platform for the arts and nightlife scene in Rotterdam.

We have now hosted two parties, organized exhibitions, launched a film club, recorded DJ sets and interviews and are working non-stop to continue expanding this ever-growing project.

If you are:

  • an emerging musician from the city
  • a photographer or videographer
  • an aspiring journalist
  • a nightlife enthusiastic
  • a resident Rotterdammer with interesting stories

and would like to get involved/collaborate with the project hit us up at contact@everydayisfriday.blog